Local News

Wednesday July 20th, 2016



The big news from Tuesday was the storm that rumbled in yesterday afternoon. The area needed rainfall and that’s exactly what Mother Nature delivered. Here at our Highway 30 studios, we had just over 2-inches of rain that included heavy downpours, gusty winds, booming thunder and occasional lightning. We even had small pea-size hail fall for about 5-minutes yesterday afternoon. The heavy rains did cause some weather-related problems. Limbs were blown onto streets; the heavy rains caused ponding on roads which in turn caused vehicles to hydroplane. Quite a few accidents were the result of the water on the roads or the heavy rains causing poor visibility and the vehicle left the road. Law enforcement stayed quite busy along with First Responder for a couple of hours during the heavy rains. There’s a chance for some pop-up afternoon activity today and a slightly better chance for Thursday. Highs will reach the mid-to-upper 90s today through the weekend.

The Sumter County Board of Commissioners cancelled 2 meetings scheduled for yesterday. A millage rate public hearing, scheduled for 5:30 and the regular monthly meeting scheduled for 6pm last evening, were both cancelled about 3:45 yesterday afternoon. The announcement about the cancellation did not contain any information stating if the meetings would be rescheduled later this month.

At last month’s City Council meeting, the City’s playgrounds were approved to get a facelift and bring them up to certain new standards. The City announced yesterday that the demolition work on some of these parks will begin this Monday July 25th. Citizens should be aware that the parks will have areas that will be closed and in some instances, the whole park may be closed at times for the upgrade. This City project will last approximately 60 days barring any weather delays or other unforeseen circumstances.

The Sumter County BOE has 2 public hearings over the proposed millage rate increase scheduled for today. The first hearing was at 11 this morning and the second public hearing will be at 6 this evening. At 6:30 this evening, the BOE will hold a called meeting for personnel matters. The third and final public hearing over the millage rate will be next Wednesday July 27th at 7pm. Immediately following that hearing, the BOE will have a called meeting to adopt the millage rate and 5-year Tax Digest. If you have questions or concerns, you need to attend any of these public hearings today or next Wednesday.

The community is being encouraged to attend “Locking Arms for Law Enforcement”, a peaceful, prayerful gathering to show support of all law enforcement this Saturday July 23rd at 10am. The site will be the Public Safety Building in downtown Americus.  It is hoped that there will be enough participants to circle the Public Safety Building and at the same time, unite the community. Everyone is encouraged to come out and show your support this Saturday morning.

Americus Police had another rash of entered autos around town yesterday. 11 autos were entered and quite a few were left unlocked. Locations yesterday included 116 Fairway II Drive; 711 Brooklyn Terrace; 1707 Lafayette Street (twice); 1705 Lafayette Street; 301 Hosanna Circle; 2 vehicles at 101 Garden Lane; 203-B Lakeview Circle; 311 Harvey Lane; and 412 Peggyanne Drive.

Officers assisted Trooper Cladd with a traffic stop on Winn Street. Jose Antonio Nunez was arrested and charged with fleeing and attempting to elude; failure to maintain lane; 5-counts of failure to stop at a stop sign; too fast for conditions; failure to obey a traffic control device; speeding; expired drivers license; driver to use due care; and driving on the wrong side of the road.

A shoplifting incident was reported at 805 Adderton Street.

A child abuse and battery (DVA) case is being investigated.

A theft occurred at 707 Rogers Street.

Criminal trespass complaints were made at 202 Frieda Lane, 203-B Horton Drive and 1330 N. Jackson Street.

A case of identity fraud was reported.

A forced entry burglary was investigated at 709-B Harris Street.

At 12:02 this morning, 2 juveniles were arrested—1 for curfew violation and 1 for curfew violation and criminal trespass.

Officers answered 3 miscellaneous calls and 2 domestic calls yesterday.

There were 4 accidents worked by APD yesterday.


Sumter County Sheriff’s Deputies were busy with weather-related calls during yesterday’s afternoon storm including a few accidents. Alarm activations were answered during the storm probably from spotty power outages. A criminal trespass complaint was made at 571 Fish Road in Cobb. Domestic-related calls were answered at Hicks Hall on the SGTC campus and at 625 Holman Road. A suspicious person complaint was made at 279 R. W. Jones Road.

In the Sumter County Jail today are: Nalia Brown for battery (DVA) and criminal trespass; and Amanda Shea Traywick for DUI/ driving on a suspended license/ failure to maintain lane/ and a seat belt violation. 1 bonded out of jail yesterday.